I’d Like to Share the Story of Birdsong

Many of you have asked why "Birdsong?" I want to share a very personal story with all of you. I am the daughter of Flossie, the grand daughter of Minnie and Ethel, the sister of Mindy and Linda. The women in my family have been blessed with a strong Spiritual Connection. My mom became very sick when she was pregnant with Mindy her first child, both almost died during birth. My mom described Mindy to me "as an Angel with beautiful dark hair and translucent skin and the most beautiful smile."

Mindy had a very rare condition especially 59 years ago when she was born. She needed to immediately have a colostomy. As my parents had no insurance, dad worked 3 jobs for many,many years to pay the hospital costs. When Mindy was 2 1/2, she was again hospitalized with complications. As dad stayed at the hospital, mom went home to wash dishes. There was a window right above the sink. Mom told me as she was washing, a bird came and kept tapping at the window, looking right at her. The bird change into an Angel and told my mom Mindy was going to pass that night. Mindy was soon gone, the tears of loss still continue for my family.

"Birdsong" is for my lovely, beautiful sister I never met in person, but know in my heart. She is the reason I became a midwife and the reason I have opened Birdsong Healing Center. She is the reason I feel called by the Spirit and the Angels to offer Healing on all levels. I have spent the greater portion of my life learning western medicine, midwifery, and alternative healing. Birdsong incorporates all of these.

Thank you for listening to my story, for sharing my passion for healing. I would love to hear your stories...

Birdsong Aromatherapy and Midwifery is a Non-Profit Private Membership Organization dedicated to providing information and services to those in need! Our hearts have an affinity for those who provide end of life/hospice care and the families they care for.

Our goal and mission is to provide education and Raindrop services for this special time in life. So many of our family members and friends are working through cancer issues today. We wholeheartedly give our support through the sacred tools which have been given to us. Sacred Harmonics is our sister business open to providing Sacred Harmonics services.

It is my most sincere hope to share my passion and knowledge of vibrational energy to assist others on the healing journey through life. Together we can improve physical, emotional, and spiritual health using nature’s gifts.

Once a month, Birdsong gifts a community member with a FREE Vibrational Raindrop!

Please contact or call me for more information or to gift a friend or family member a session at Birdsong.